Thanks so much for stopping by and welcome to Dorothy Cinema Co, where we make wedding films!  

Dorothy Cinema was officially started in 2009.  Then and now I learn constantly and this experience has been a never ending lesson as well as outlet for my creative energy.  My goal was and still is now to give each couple a service and end product that screams quality over quantity and is as unique to them as they are to me.  We are determined to give clients a wedding film that is balanced between modern and classic.

We are inspired to capture each wedding couples story unfold.  The story starts when we meet you.  We learn what you both love about one another, your past, present and future dreams.  We get to learn your interests, inspirations, places you've traveled to, how you met, where you'll be getting married at, your wedding schedule and will listen to your questions and input.  We appreciate working with couples who are obviously in love, have character and a rememberable style which in turns bring out the best of their wedding, story and film.

Just so you know, the name Dorothy comes after my Nanny and not from the Wizard of Oz, but its a good guess :)